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Check the Release Notes to see what new features, changes and fixes we have made to the latest version.

F.A.Q. & Known Issues

Even if we are working hard there you may experience some small issues. Here you can see a list of most frequent questions we answer and some known issues. If you get stuck and you need help write to our support team.

MIDI controller advanced mappings

Camelot provides a basic mapping for external controller to manage the main system action (switch song, scene, panic, tap tempo, scroll…) It is on our plan to allow our customer to map easily an external controllers to adjust item knobs, instruments parameters, adjust keyboard velocity curves,  modulation amount, and many other …; this part is currently under development, please be patient.

More hardware instruments maps

We are testing and adding maps of new instruments every month. Check also the compatibility page for the updated list.

Hardware Instrument Refresh too slow?

For some instruments the refresh task takes several minutes. For some instruments a full refresh is up to 20 minutes. To save time, please select the user bank you want to update and press the refresh button, Camelot will scan only the selected bank

The hardware instrument smart map is not working

Every instrument needs a different setup to work properly with Camelot, for example the MIDI global channel in many cases needs to be selected manually on the device.  Please check the instructions to setup your instruments here on the compatibility page or in Camelot, open the instrument map, select the hardware settings, and click or tap on Setup Info

How can I split a single item in a layer?

Now it is possible: expand the layer and then expand the item you want a specific key range. In that case the key range of the item will be a subset of the layer setting. If the item is a multi-part, you can expand it and expand the part you want to assign a more specific key range!

Remote controller mapping issue from Settings menu

The remote control messages, once assigned, are working even if you are still in settings mode. To avoid unwanted setup changes (switch songs, scenes, …) affected by those message avoid to use the controller in settings mode. We are fixing this issue and will be updated soon. 

My instrument is not supported, can I use Camelot with it?

All MIDI instruments are supported by Camelot. If your instrument does not have a smart map means that there is avaiaible yet a plug&play shortcut. We are working to create new smart maps and many will be added soon, but using MIDI Programs you can manage your instrument with Single Part MIDI Programs, Multi Part MIDI Programs and Advanced MIDI Programs.

Just Select Add New Item > MIDI Programs

On iPad some app are not shown in the plugin list

Camelot (at the moment) supports only Auv3 format. Some apps are not compliant with that standard so they can’t be shown on the list. You can still use those instruments if:

  • they support MIDI virtual ports
  • they can receive MIDI program changes and bank select messages
  • they can run audio in background

In this case you can run the app in background and use MIDI Programs to manage and controls those apps in the same way you can manage any external MIDI instrument. On the MIDI program you have to select the MIDI virtual port exposed by the app.

How do I connect my hardware instruments to Camelot on iPad?

Your instruments can be connected to iPad using:

  • Camera connection kit (we recommend Apple products with charging port to power your iPad during the perfromance)
  • A powered USB HUB
  • USB cables from USB HUB to your instruments
  • Alternatively if your instruments do not have USB midi ports you can use a USB MIDI interface that is working on iOS.
How do I connect my hardware instruments to my computer?

Your instruments can be connected to your macOS/ Windows computer using:

  • A powered USB HUB
  • USB cables from USB HUB to your instruments
  • Alternatively if your instruments do not have USB midi ports you can use a USB MIDI interface that is working with your OS.
I have added an instrument item but I can't hear any sound

If don’t hear any sound please check:

  • Have you connected the layer with a MIDI input? Any item loaded on a layer needs to be connected to a MIDI Input source. To do that, tap on the layer colored area and select a MIDI Input
  • Have you selected the correct Audio Card as an output in the main settings? An audio output device is required to generate sound. Please check in the System Settings (cog footer button) if the Audio Output device is selected

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