Setlists, Songs & Scenes

Setlist management

Create your songs and organize them by gig, project, band. You can reference one song to multiple setlists. Drag and drop to rearrange the order of play


They can have one or more scenes to recall and organize hardware instruments presets, software instruments plugin sounds, music score attachments

Create Songs and Scenes with Templates

Select a song and make it a template to generate your next songs / scenes

Hardware Instruments

Hardware instruments smart maps

Supported instruments can be managed without the need to know the MIDI Bank select, Program change, Mode change messages.

Expanded item features

Control multi parts (for supported instruments) and live tweak of up to 9 CC parameters for each tone generator.

MIDI Settings

Layers and items have dedicated MIDI settings section that allows to transpose, shift octave, filter unwanted MIDI events and route/replicate messages from an input channel to another.

MPE quick setup for multi part instruments

Camelot allows to select a sound preset with ease from a multi part hardware instrument and replicates it to the other MIDI channels with the same pitch bend range and level.

Software Instruments and plugins

Software Plugins host

Depending on your system, Camelot allows you to add software plugin instruments to your scene. On laptop/desktop systems (Windows and macOS) are available VST and AU formats, on iPad (iOS) Audio Unit v3.  

Attachments & annotations

Music sheets and Attachments

Pdf, png and jpg file can be uploaded and visualized on each scene. Camelot provides also custom annotations that can be placed on top of any attachment.


MIDI generic items

All MIDI Instruments are supported in Camelot, even if there is not a smart map yet. You can use Program Change, Bank Select messages to manage your MIDI Instruments. It is possible to create Single Part Item (simple and standards ) but also Multi parts items that can manage a Combi/Perfromance program with sub parts settings.

MIDI Advanced Items (with sysex playback feature)

Type, edit or upload sysex messages. The advanced MIDI item allows you to generate a wide choice of messages. You can also learn and playback the list of messages just recorded.  

Custom User maps

Organize and recall with ease MIDI generic and advanced items. All the MIDI items created one shot can be added to a custom map for reusing. Click or tap on “add to custom” map button on each MIDI item panel.

Smart MIDI port management

Set a controller input as a default or replace with another in all songs. No need to use aliases, just plug and unplug your instruments and controllers.

Tempo sync

MIDI Clock and tempo messages to sync arpeggiator and tempo based hardware and software instruments. That setting can be applied to a Scene, a Song or an Entire Setlist. Camelot is compatible with Ableton Link protocol.   

External Controller mapping for remote control

Switch song, switch scene, tap tempo, panic, GUI navigation, select setlist, select song, select scene.

Cross device compatibilitiy

Camelot is a 64bit multi-platform application that runs on macOS, Windows and iOS

Mac OS

  • OS version: 10.10 (Yosemite) and above
  • 64bit only


  • OS version: Windows 10 and above
  • 64bit only


  • OS version: 11 and above
  • iPad only