Release Notes
– Added Yamaha CP-4, CP-40, NP-V60 and NP-V80 to supported external devices
– Added hardware info & instructions when adding an external device item for the first time
– Added “Send none” to Tempo Sync transport messages
– Added custom operators for CC values in remote controller setup
– Fix: Song view now scroll the selected scene in view correctly
– Fix: some issues on MIDI ports not selected
– Fix: MIDI learn does not ask for port if already setup
– Fix: tempo sync not correctly saved in song and setlist
– Fix: tempo sync not sent when adding an item after enabling tempo sync
– Fix: tempo sync going crazy when moving GUI sliders
– Fix: crash when removing an active input controller
– Fix: improvements to plugin scanning
– Fix: restore of remote controllers from a backup
– Fix: reload of current song after restore from a backup
– Fix: crash on quit under some circumstances
– Fix: general stability improvements